Freediver or Snorkelling lover?

Everybody has fun!
No age restriction and great for families and group of friends, check our unique snorkelings experiences and PADI Freediving courses.

snorkelling trips and Freediving courses

Varied snorkelling sites

During your visit you can experience a wide range of snorkelling sites across the 3 Maltese Islands.

3 Islands to explore

We run weekly trips to our sister islands, Comino & Gozo.
There`s so much to see – you`ll be itching to come back for more!

Equipment & Groups

All our snorkelling groups are small & carefully selected to match abilities, for your comfort and enjoyment.

Snorkel Tour

Don`t forget to grab a camera!

Our Instructors lead snorkel tours regularly throughout the week.

This fun program has no age restrictions and is great for families.

Equipment basics, breathing and snorkel clearing and swimming with the fins.

During the tour portion of the program, the guides will inform you about the varied marine life we are fortunate to encounter on a daily basis.

Possibility to do it from the boat!

Duration 1 or 2 afternoon
  • 1 tour at 25 euro
  • 2 tours at 40 euro

Full Face mask experience

A fun and easy new way to snorkel

A new way to explore the ocean with the Ocean Reef Full Face snorkel mask.

Snorkel, with the comfort of breathing through your nose as well as your mouth.

Easy for those who don’t feel as comfortable in the water, but still want to enjoy the beautiful underwater world, and it`s amazing for kids too!

Come and discover our original Ocean Reef Full Face snorkel mask experience!

Possibility to do it from the boat!

Duration 1 or 2 afternoon
  • 1 tour at 30 euro
  • 2 tours at 50 euro

Snorkie Talkie adventure

Let’s breath and… talk!

The first and only place on the island to join a Snorkie Talkie Safari!

Great for families and groups of friends! This new system allows you to talk to each other whilst snorkelling!

Share the amazing underwater experience, point out wildlife to each other, and enhancing the amazing snorkelling experience.

Keep talking underwater!

Possibility to do it from the boat!

Duration 1 or 2 afternoon
  • 1 tour at 35 euro
  • 2 tours at 60 euro


Basic Freediver course (1 day): 110€
Freediver course (2 days): 310€


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